Friday, August 27, 2010

Lots of Bidding Going On

Well, we've been busy bidding on several projects, some in Phoenix and a large job in Tucson. We're really hoping to win more bids on jobs like the Tucson job, which is the demo of a car dealership to make way for a new Mercedes Benz dealership. I guess some people still have money to blow on expensive cars! Spend it if ya got it, right? Help out the economy and all?

So while I was submitting some of the bids, I took a break and found a demo version of a game called Detonate, by Wildebeest games. The video gives you an idea of how the game works, you can download a trial version of the game here. It's not quite as exciting as knocking down a real building, but like its a decent way to kill 15 minutes on the internet!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Bumps in the Road...

That's what we've worked on this week. Literally. We built a bunch of speed bumps at a luxury mobile home park (I know...contradiction in terms?) in Sun City, AZ.

We've never done speed bumps before, but decided to jump in and give it a shot. It wasn't too bad - other than the heat!

Aside from building new speed bumps, we also had to shave down some old ones and redo the tops, making them a little less obnoxious to navigate in a vehicle. Those bumps were a little more challenging, but in the end, we got it done.

Some of you might be asking how building speed bumps relates to demo work? Well, the short answer doesn't. Sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zone and try new things in order to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

The long answer is...we have just added a new skill to our repertoire of construction and demo related abilities, so that's always a good thing, yes? Not that building speed bumps will be a part of any demo job, but it definitely adds to the knowledge base that we work so hard to grow and maintain so we can stay relevant and competitive in the demolition field. And we all know that...Knowledge is (What? It's What?) That's right...Power.

Monday, July 26, 2010

We Do It All!

A few weeks ago, we tore down a mobile home that had caught on fire. It was our first mobile home demo and it was an interesting job. We did the demo work by hand and used a small bobcat to load the bins for haul-off. It was hot, nasty work, tearing down what was basically a lot of insulation, paneling and wiring of all sorts, but we got it done. I was so busy actually doing the work that I forgot to take pictures of the process! We want to show everyone what the demo process looks like and what kind of work we can handle, so I will make sure to document the next job and post pictures of each phase.
We are currently bidding on a pretty big job in Tucson and another small job here in Phoenix.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sweet Gig

Ran across this little nugget on the internet this afternoon. I had this imaginary conversation with myself while I was enjoying the details on this wonderful little masterpiece.

"How's that Downtown job going for ya, Chris?"

"It's a piece of cake, Bob. A piece of cake."

Sometimes I make myself laugh.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We will use this venue to keep clients updated about current projects. Wanna know what we do? Stop by once in awhile! We'll post pictures from job sites, as well as fill you in on the day-to-day demo grind. This business ain't for whimps...that's for sure!

Wanna know what's new in the demolition world in general? We'll work hard to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest demolition related information from around the THIS bad boy!

What kind of a Ninja Excavator is this?!?! I was geeking out over this thing, wondering what kind of a demo job would require the use of such an impressively large piece of machinery? Turns out it's not really demo equipment. Too bad! I was already imagining myself rolling up to a job site in this monstrosity, ready to kick butt and take names! Click here to find out exactly what this beast is.

We hope you find our blog to be both informative and entertaining! We understand that time is a valuable commodity, so we will work hard to make sure the few minutes you spend with us each time you stop by is worth the effort.