Friday, August 27, 2010

Lots of Bidding Going On

Well, we've been busy bidding on several projects, some in Phoenix and a large job in Tucson. We're really hoping to win more bids on jobs like the Tucson job, which is the demo of a car dealership to make way for a new Mercedes Benz dealership. I guess some people still have money to blow on expensive cars! Spend it if ya got it, right? Help out the economy and all?

So while I was submitting some of the bids, I took a break and found a demo version of a game called Detonate, by Wildebeest games. The video gives you an idea of how the game works, you can download a trial version of the game here. It's not quite as exciting as knocking down a real building, but like its a decent way to kill 15 minutes on the internet!

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